Trusted Trigen CBD Difference


At TriGen Nutraceuticals™, CBD is our passion. We love being a part of something that has helped many find improvement in their quality of life. We are committed to innovating cutting edge products backed by science, we are constantly focusing on how to get this natural resource available to those who are in search of it.
We proudly state that our Hemp derived CBD is grown right here in the U.S.A. Kentucky has rich soil that has been tilled for hundreds of years, which results in the best possible American grown crop. Our hemp is farmed in accordance with strict guidelines set by the Department of Agriculture, always assuring quality and consistency for you.
All our products are made in a certified GMP facility which is FDA inspected. You can be rest assured if it’s on the label it’s in the bottle. All our CBD goes through independent, third party lab testing, so that you can be sure that you’re receiving the safest, highest quality product. This means that our customers get to enjoy the benefits of this very diverse plant without the risk of heavy metals or other toxins being left inside. You can view our certificate of analysis at any time to confirm this. Also, with them being made in a GMP certified facility you can be assured that there are no microbial issues or cross contamination. We provide authentic CB.
While hemp and Marijuana (Cannabis) look similar, they’re not similar in their genetic construction. Hemp is “related” to marijuana; however, it contains much more CBD, but hemp does not have enough THC in it to give you a psychotropic result. To top that off we offer isolates and broad-spectrum CBD to make sure that we can provide products to our customers that contain 0% THC and can be shipped not only nationally but internationally as well.
Click here to learn more about our patented delivery system of our NextCBD™ Nano Emulsion Technology.
From the beginning, all of us at TriGen Nutraceuticals™ made a promise to dedicate our passion to 3 important truths: caring for others, continual innovation and CBD for all. It is with those truths at our core that we can ensure every customer in the TriGen Nutraceutical™ family of clients is not only taken care of but happy as well.
Our high quality, hemp-derived and patented nano emulsion NextCBD™ technology Nutraceuticals are designed to create trusted wellness products that are continually purchased, loved and recommended throughout the World.