Trigen Care Program



We appreciate you and your family for serving our great country! We honestly cannot thank you enough for protecting our right and lives. We honor and have so much love and respect for our military men and women. All U.S. military veterans and active military duty personnel can receive a discount on all full-price retail orders up to 50% off. To apply, please provide us with a photocopy of your military ID, VA card, driver’s license with VA endorsement or DD214. Please obscure or black out any sensitive information such as your SSN if applicable. If you’re having trouble, please e-mail .

    Teacher assistance program :

    We respect and appreciate all that teachers do not only to educate the children of the world but also the adults that are continuing to learn and excel their life. Teaching is crucial for many reasons in today’s society as well as our future. We want to say thank you and give you a discount on any product that you think would benefit you. Please provide a photo ID from the school or university that you are employed through, please block out any private information and set up your discount account. Thank you for educating the world.

    Police, Firefighters and Emergency response information personnel program :

    We honor and respect what you do for all of us. You risk your lives to save and protect others daily. At TriGen we care and want to show our appreciation by giving back to you. Please submit any credentials proving your employment in one of these fields and we will send you a discount code for our product line. Discount codes are valid on full retail price. Please submit information and picture below, make sure to cover up any sensitive, or email us at